Cracké - Squeeze 3D animated TV series

Squeeze Cracké

Broadcast in 210
Countries and Territories

on digital platforms worldwide

Classic Slapstick Humor

Film-Quality 3D Animation

Universal Appeal

No Dialogue

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Parenting is a Full-Time Job!

Meet anxious Ed and his beloved brood. All eight eggs are blessed with incredible luck.

Unfortunately, things are different for dad. Overprotective and perfectionist, Ed causes trouble and threats, never missing an opportunity to make things worse for himself. Happily, the eggs always end up safe.

52 x 1'

5 TO 9 Y/O

Meet Ed, a anxious daddy ostrich, and his beloved eggs

The most exciting
runner game!

Turn yourself into Ed who is struggling to save his eight eggs from the surrounding dangers. Avoid the obstacles, use the peppers to build your energy, earn some feathers and collect the 54 cards to increase your powers, and more importantly, don’t let your precious eggs go away!

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